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LeadCity was developed with a vision of providing a fully integrated suite of web management solutions for agents and brokers all under one umbrella, one framework.

LeadCity Real Estate Lifecycle Solution was created and built on a vision of providing a fully integrated web management solution for Real Estate Brokers, Teams, and Agents, where all of those tools would all operate under one umbrella, one framework. It is a partnership of two companies, Optitec, LLC and Varshaa Weblabs. In working together, our two companies, provide a synergy that brings together a combination of real estate sales expertise with the expertise of software development. We have a laser focused vision of providing Real Estate management solutions that work for every one of our clients.

Our clients have a voice when it comes to continuous improvement, and we will continue to develop and build upon our already complete set of applications with our clients' current and future needs at the forefront of our development. Your issues are our issues, and you can rest assured, you will get the type of one-on-one service and feedback that you deserve. We don't care about being the biggest. We simply want to be the most creative provider of real estate marketing and management solutions so that you can spend less time being frustrated and more time doint things you want to do.

LeadCity Real Estate Lifecycle Solution

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