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LeadCity RELS has been paving the way allowing Real Estate Brokers, Teams, and Agents the ability to use document templates, store documents, follow tasks, and streamline the ENTIRE lifecycle of a transaction, from creation to eSign. No outside vendor API's.

Real Estate Document Template Library

  • Create, store, and re-use document templates from all of your common forms such as purchase agreements, listing agreements, addenda, and more.
  • Advanced mapping system allows document templates to automatically be prefilled with MLS info as well as transaction info that you provide the system

Real Estate FastFormsTM

  • FastFormsTM is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows your agents to fill out dynamic forms rather than an actual document. Not only does this save time and provide added compliance, it makes mobile transaction creation a breeze!
  • LeadCity will customize each FastFormTM based upon YOUR very own purchase agreement, listing agreement, and any other standard document your agents use
  • Contingency and Payment Sub-forms are used to make creating a Real Estate Transaction even easier for your Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Document Management

  • Save documents to different folders and set different permissions for folder access
  • Easily edit document names, folder locations, and signature status to be compliant
  • Easily share or email documents to those that need copies.

Real Estate Task and Transaction info

  • Easily create and manage Tasks and Transaction items that are important to you
  • Keep your transactions updated by adjusting tasks and set reminders

Roles and Permissions

  • Manage different role players such as buyers, sellers, agents, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and more. Provide these roles access to your transactions.
  • Manage permissions and security for different role players so YOU can customize who is allowed to see what within your transactions.

Real Estate Transaction Compliance

  • Submit documents for review and approval
  • Once the transaction is closed, only admin can edit transactions or documents.
  • FastFormsTM can set fields as required or not, so your agents don't send out documents that are incomplete

Real Estate Transaction Insights

See your office's transactions statuses in real time and run reports for commission calculations, contingency deadlines, and much more.

Real Estate Transaction Insights

SignFast eSign Integration for Real Estate Transaction Management

  • LeadCity is the ONLY Real Estate transaction management solution to develop its very own eSign Solution for complete integration.
  • Use existing templates or upload your own forms for fast and secure electronic or digital signatures
  • Document status is automatically updated within the TMS profile
  • Receive notices when signatures are complete
  • Manage expiration, reminders, and more with Esign integrations
  • Admin can completely customize the workflow with advanced configurations allowing YOU to decide how to transact business
  • Determine if electronic signatures or digital signatures is best for YOUR workflow. LeadCity gives you the option!
SignFast eSign Integration for Real Estate Transaction Management

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