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Transaction Management w/ eSign

LeadCity has been paving the way allowing offices and agents the ability to access files, documents, and key transaction information online rather than in the file cabinet.

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Forms Library

  • Create, store, and re-use all of your common forms such as purchase agreements, addendums, and more.
  • Advanced mapping system allows forms to automatically be prefilled with MLS info as well as transaction info that you provide the system

Document Management

  • Save documents to different folders and set different permissions for folder access
  • Easily edit document names, folder locations, and signature status to be compliant
  • Easily share or email documents to those that need copies.

Esign Integration

  • Use existing templates or upload your own forms for fast and secure Esign integrations
  • Document status is automatically updated within the TMS profile
  • Receive notices when signatures are complete
  • Manage expirations, reminders, and more with Esign integrations

Task and Transaction info

  • Easily create and manage Tasks and Transaction items that are important to you
  • Keep your transactions updated by adjusting tasks and set reminders (coming soon)

Roles and Permissions

  • Manage different role players such as buyers, sellers, agents, attorneys, lenders, inspectors, and more. Provide these roles access to your transactions.
  • Manage permissions and security for different role players so YOU can customize who is allowed to see what within your transactions.


  • Submit documents for review and approval
  • Once the transaction is closed, only admin can edit transactions or documents.